Finally looked back at all my old posts. I know the file uploader script (Recently renamed “BKW File Cabinet”) hasn’t been updated since late 2009. ProPHP hasn’t been updated in… a long, long while. Needless to say, I’m going through a bit of a rough time. Spending long days at work, and the time I have off I enjoy doing… well, nothing.
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Starting on December 3rd, many webmasters have seen an email coming from my domain – in the form of an official cease and desist notice. Any person found using the software and NOT following the End User License Agreement (which is available on the download page) will be sent a Cease and Desist Notice.

Anybody who does not comply within 72 hours (3 days from the time posted on the email) will have a DMCA report filed with their web host. The copyright act requires that any person who is believed to be using a piece of web software illegally shall have the contents removed from their website without warning.

Key terms here: use the software in line with the EULA, and you’re fine! Don’t, and we’ll find you.

Seeing as the website is finished, I am going to start working on fixing up the old PHP scripts that are in desperate need. Work on BKW File Manager v 1.10 is starting now, and should be finished *sometime soon*. I am interested in seeing what will come out of this update!

EDIT: As of 12:15 AM, 2 December 2009, the update is going well. Still encountering a few bugs, but for the most part, updating is going as planned. I think the release date might be a little too far in the future, but who knows. I may just include a few more features than I had originally planned, making this the 1.5 release, not just 1.1.

Edit 2: Feb 9, 2010 – I wish I had more time to work on the file manger. There are a few bugs in the current release version that I know need finishing, I just don’t have the time anymore. As I look at the post date of this post, which was originally Dec 1, 2009, I think to myself “… maybe it’s time to give it up.” Just know that it will be finished, just not anytime soon.