Finally, after two weeks in the making, the template is live!

As I continue to play around with it, I am seeing things that aren’t working the way the should – missing images and whatnot.

I will keep browsing and changing things as necessary – but for the most part, it’s working!

If there is something that needs to get fixed, please Contact Me.

Starting in the next few days (perhaps hours, depending), you’ll notice that the website is being switched from its old (and by old, I mean almost 7 years) domain of – to our new domain,! Once I start getting the server prepared, I’ll switch the domains over. This process shouldn’t take all too long. The only thing I am worried about is the SSL Certificate – I will have to allow the current to expire, then move the IP address and new cert over.

As of 2/25/2013 – all of the BKWorks websites have been moved over to their own VPS! Due to the limitations of others’ shared hosting, I was forced to move all of the websites to a new host.

However, “forced” might not be the right word. I was thinking about it anyways. I scoured the Internet and found a great deal with Dreamhost. I am happy to announce that all of our websites – including back end databases – have made it over successfull

As of 2:45 PM, December 1, 2009, the website is officially finished. All the links work the way they are expected, and the design is completed. Now on to the blog:

Keep this page handy for updates as they occur. I’ll keep in touch with projected product updates and expected finish dates, and any future website updates that will occur.

Until later,