[OLD] BKW File Cabinet One Step Closer

I’ve been working on the File Cabinet now for a few hours this evening, and I must say it’s coming along nicely! User pages are working as expected. The admin area now, there’s almost too much going on there. But, enough of me going on about it, let me throw up a couple screenshots.


The new version introduces something into the software that I had hoped to introduce before: the suspend feature. This allows administrators to suspend accounts on the fly. Once an account has been suspended, the user receives a message upon attempting to log on that their account has been suspended.

Also planned is a bandwidth limit system. Files that users upload and download are included in a daily bandwidth system. Administrators *should* be able to limit the number of files a user can upload and / or download in any given day.

The new *TENTATIVE* release date for BKW File Cabinet 2.0.B is JANUARY 31, 2012.

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