[OLD] File Cabinet V2.0 Official Release

Thanks to all those who have tested the File Cabinet beta release. I am happy to announce that (if all goes according to plan) the new **OFFICIAL** release of the File Cabinet will come by the end of this week. I am hoping that by Saturday, July 14, 2012, the official version will be released, dropping off any and all beta status.


The index page will now show BKW as the page generator.
There will be a new license agreement.
A bug will be fixed that prevents files from being downloaded.
The Contact Admin page will be updated, allowing users to add quotes and other special characters.
NO MORE RUSSIAN USERS. Starting with V2.0 Final, I will NO LONGER ALLOW RUSSIAN INSTALLATIONS without prior authorization.


Translations? The software could use a few more languages. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRANSLATING THE SOFTWARE, please contact me!
Themes? Possibility, although I’m happy where the software sits right now.

Most important: this Saturday, July 24, 2012, look for the official version available for installation!


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