[OLD] Work on File Manager Stuck

Seeing as the website is finished, I am going to start working on fixing up the old PHP scripts that are in desperate need. Work on BKW File Manager v 1.10 is starting now, and should be finished *sometime soon*. I am interested in seeing what will come out of this update!

EDIT: As of 12:15 AM, 2 December 2009, the update is going well. Still encountering a few bugs, but for the most part, updating is going as planned. I think the release date might be a little too far in the future, but who knows. I may just include a few more features than I had originally planned, making this the 1.5 release, not just 1.1.

Edit 2: Feb 9, 2010 – I wish I had more time to work on the file manger. There are a few bugs in the current release version that I know need finishing, I just don’t have the time anymore. As I look at the post date of this post, which was originally Dec 1, 2009, I think to myself “… maybe it’s time to give it up.” Just know that it will be finished, just not anytime soon.

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